Feeling good about oneself and about life is a state of mind. The Regency knows just how to steer you on to feeling your best ever! If being pampered is what you’re after, the Regency Wellbeing Center is about just that. It includes a Sauna and Turkish bath or Hamam, and offers specialist beauty treatments.

The philosophy of feeling good is what Wellness at the Regency is all about, so do not hesitate to wander down just to chat or get out of the sun, and the savour the ambience while sipping the lovely ginger tea or chilled lemon/cucumber water offered.

All Regency residents are treated to a complimentary Turkish bath (Hamam), during their stay. Please make sure to book your preferred times and days, as our Hamam is quite a popular feature of Kalkan, and can get crowded with large families at times.

TURKISH BATH: Traditionally in Turkey the Hamam is a very important part of the social culture, and is usually separate for men and women. Each neighbourhood would have its Hamam and you sort of know everyone, and it is still a place where women are on the lookout for candidates as brides for their sons, meet up with family and friends, a place to socialize.

Brides are still taken for the prenuptial bath and it is a social gathering of family and friends, where all the girls enjoy cleansing with dancing and food and live music. A Turkish hen party so to speak.

HAMAM:  The age-old traditions of water, essential oils and rubbing or scrubbing pop to life in the Regency Wellbeing Centre, which comprises of the traditional Turkish bath with special “tellak” (person doing the exfoliating scrub and soap massage) and resting area. The scrub, “kese” gets rid of all the dead skin and opens up the pores and is said to aid getting a good suntan. Try to have this sooner rather than later to prepare your body for leisurely hours of lying and soaking up the sun. The soap massage that follows is such a surreal experience, that you get hooked to a Turkish bath for life!

MASSAGES:  With both indoor and outdoor massage areas and a team waiting to see all the knots and stress of day to day life dissipate, you are spoiled for choice between the medical massages, relaxing massages, Thai massage or just the classic and traditional ones. Whether you choose the indoor options or the relaxing garden atmosphere for your massage, all your needs is met and you leave feeling on top of the world!

BEAUTY TREATMENT:  Managed by a professional team of experts, the best products, ample treatments and the fabulous Regency ambience to meet all requirements for the laid back, luxurious holiday that you know you deserve!

Pre-booking options and interesting package combos is obtainable to plan all your pampering sessions or to just have the little things done that you didn’t manage before your holiday.

For enquiries and bookings see contacts.