When Nuri realized that his tomatoes at home and those at the hotel tasted completely different, and that for home consumption we were growing it absolutely eco-friendly but the ones we bought were not, his eco-farm dream became a reality!

Now with nearly 90% vegetables of the highest quality, from ground to table in just hours, the Regency is second to none in delivering the true meaning of freshness, with menus designed to cook while you wait!

Whether it happens to be the hand-raised lambs that supply the Regency kitchens with the superior meat or the excellent veal from the farm for your hand-chopped burgers, we are in control of what goes into your food. Nuri takes great pride in being there for the births of the little lambs and calves, and follows each step personally. Most days he drives down the fresh supplies too!

The Regency is proud to display all their efforts and organize a complimentary farm trip every week for those who wish to see where we grow your food.