The Regency has evolved over the years from just being a hotel to being a way of life! We are proud that people place so much confidence in the Regency, so we have to elaborate a bit here.

For the past 17 years we have executed a few themed menus for your true Turkish experience. These are the more complicated dishes that need early preparation to give you a real taste of Turkey. These events are better organized when pre-booked, so we really appreciate that you do so in advance.

Our attention to detail has caught the eye of several people and we have had occasion to host weddings, small events and dinners, and we can proudly say that they have all been claimed perfect by all clients we have planned events for. Our food tops all the lists, but sadly, the ability to execute unfortunately comes in a mere second!

Besides the splendid A’ La Carte Restaurant, open six nights a week, the Regency is now famous for the following too:

SEAFOOD every MONDAY The set menu has been so popular that it is now a permanent feature of Regency cuisine, along with the regular Seafood Menu and A’ La Carte Menu. Ma’s marinade, The Regency Shrimps is now a legend. The tiny, delicious, Mediterranean Calamari is a firm favorite too, but do not forget to try the Sea Bass Crepes or famous fish stew, Lagos Buğlama!

BBQ every WEDNESDAY now stands proudly as The Regency Feast, and with the whole day spent preparing this wonderful spread, we proudly present a buffet of over 25 meze’s as starters, a delectable variety of grilled meatballs, chicken fillets, lamb chops, fillet shish kebabs with rice, mushrooms, potatoes and grilled veggies on the side for main course. The Dessert Buffet is a mixture of Turkish and International style desserts and you can be guilt free eating as much as you like if you top it with our famous Turkish line-dance, the HALAY!
This is the only night that we do not offer a’la carte service

SPIT-ROAST LAMB every FRIDAY is now known across Kalkan to be heaven to the lamb lover! With a large number of non-residents keen on this delightful mixture of Turkish flavors, complete with the traditional gravy and fresh mint sauce, early bookings for this night is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. Do not forget, the lambs are hand raised on the Regency farm up in the mountains, so we know your meat! The normal A’ La Carte menu option is available too

We are proud to present a cookery demonstration, showcasing our beautiful mezes and dishes made from our very own, fresh, farm produce. Tasting and a tour of the Regency kitchens end this one-hour program. If you want to learn, we are happy to teach you a bit of the Regency cuisine! This little presentation every Tuesday afternoon at 5.30, is proving popular, and we have to keep trying new dishes, as guests now request favorites that they wish to learn.

Nuri and Masuda are rightfully proud of their hotel cuisine and are keen for you to appreciate what goes on behind the scenes. Every week the guests are invited to visit the Regency’s organic farm in the mountains, to get a chance to see the source of our restaurant produce and how it reaches your plate from the fields in just hours.

Whilst we are not a “wedding destination” we are proud to present a rather good portfolio of weddings at the Regency. With impeccable attention to detail, great food and a team second to none, we are able to fit in one, maybe two a year, and realize your dream day, and whilst you do not have to, staying at the Regency makes it easier for us too.